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Is it possible to get over a 13 year relationship in 3 days?

Do you think it’s possible to get over the end of a 13 year relationship in 3 days? What if your partner, the one you were going to spend the rest of your life with, had started a relationship with a younger woman staying in your home – could you move through that in 3 days?

When I was around 6 or 7, my Dad started having an affair with a close friend of the family. I totally get why all this unfolded now, but as a sensitive child, knowing something was going on that no one was talking about, was excruciating for me. Of course, I didn’t know this was why I felt insecure, uncomfortable and emotionally unsafe. Those realisations didn’t occur until a long time later.

When my long time partner, did almost exactly the same thing, an interesting thing happened. My mind kept superimposing my Mothers trauma over my own.  Like I was reliving it for both of us – and perhaps healing it for both of us as I went through it myself.

Oh the pain, of trusting and loving someone so whole heartedly only to find out they were not who they said they were.

The heart breaking realisation that your future was now a blank canvas. Nothing to live for. Nothing. It was empty. I spent 3 agonising days on my bed. Even with all my wisdom around emotions, I had no clue what to do with so much pain. I knew to ride it, but surely, there must be something else I could do? I tried meditation, writing, screaming, crying … riding the wave, watching the wave and my mind was telling me stories…”How could they???” and with each story the suffering pierced through my heart.

I began to see if I could stop my mind and it’s stories, I was left with only pain.

No suffering. A spark of hope? Extinguished as soon as it was lit. But better than no spark at all. My thoughts were dark, my body couldn’t move, I lay in the foetal position. Helpless. Hopeless. My Mum’s trauma. My own.

I discovered the Truth that was to shatter my world on Friday. On Monday, I made a decision. I decided I would feel pain, but I was damned if I would suffer. I started ringing everyone I knew. I don’t know why. I thought I might find a solution. In fact I found a few helpful tips along the way, but on Monday afternoon I discovered 3 powerful steps which flipped me from “I want to kill myself” into “this is the best thing that’s EVER happened to me!”

A miracle?

Maybe. But I don’t think I have the monopoly on this. I know anyone can apply these 3 steps and get results. If their heart is truly in it. Of course, I won’t spoil it as these 3 steps are the guts of my $33 mini class on June 8th. (I don’t really want to disappoint you, but with this exchange of $$, I can go on to run more mini classes!)

And these 3 steps could be applied to other painful life experiences – without a doubt this was one of the most powerful moments of my life.

Please decide now, to take your personal power back. Some women carry the pain and hurt around with them for years and it impacts future relationships. I want more for you than that.

Here is the link.

Come and join me. Walk a new path of empowerment, freedom and relief. You deserve it.

Sending love,


Lisa Jayne is a Relationship Elevation Specialist, helping women reclaim their true power in relationships with new emotional technology so they can create relationship heaven. She is on a global mission to shift outdated relationship operating systems that limit, undermine and silence the authentic, powerful potential of women everywhere. 

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