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Feeling the empowerment of being your TRUE self
A four week journey
Starts 11 March, 2024

  • know what YOU need to say or do in challenging situations
  • communicate with courage and create connection, harmony and long lasting solutions
  • feel emotionally safe and lean into conflict to circuit break cycles
  • experience a deep sense of self-love and coherence (aka activate your superpower)
  • express yourself clearly, even in vulnerability with partners and children
  • reconnect with your ‘joie de vivre’ and feel at home in your own life

You know there’s something more … you FEEL it. You may even know there’s a YOU that got lost in amongst the working, parenting, striving but still can’t seem to prevent the recurring patterns of hurt, stress or frustration long enough to find it. 

So instead, you live feeling a little dissatisfied. Angry at yourself every time you don’t communicate effectively, wondering why you’re left feeling so distraught or just downright exhausted at always trying to be better and never really succeeding. Tiptoeing around other people, keeping the peace and placing yourself on the bottom line of your priority list. I’d love to invite you to consider a change. 

Live from your AUTHENTIC Core - 28 day program

TIME COMMITMENT: This program is less for your head (accumulating more information) and more for your heart and emotional body so deep knowing is developed through practical application. This means you are doing the program while you are doing your life. As a guide, allow 10-20 minutes a day to check in and read/watch any practices/activities, plus 90 minutes for a group call on a Tuesday night. 

FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: $448 Payment plans are available

MY COMMITMENT: I show up every day for you with unlimited access via whats app or messenger because I know having support to work through challenges in real time is invaluable in transforming old patterns.  

We use Facebook Groups and Whats App / Phone

WEEK 1 COMMENTS from our February Intake

“I’m a better functioning Human,  to be emotionally safe feels Safe . I trust myself again and to really know that love was always there and I need no one to validate my existence. I abandon myself no more. What an amazing program LJ!!” Lesley
“I am having really brilliant days. I am able to sit and be present for a few minutes and bring myself back into a state of empowerment when I need …and wow… thankyou! you are bringing so much. What you provide is just so heartfelt. It’s been amazing. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I feel worthy of everything this world has. (I can’t believe that’s coming out of my mouth!). Something has happened. It’s a universal shift in me” Amanda 
“I have learned so much … I’ve learned to listen along the way too. Really listen. I have also learned many tools for dealing with pain and feelings as they come up. I’m able to recognize who’s speaking/acting- Me, the functional adult or Me, the wounded child. I have learned emotional safety is a critical element in a relationship.
Thank you thank you thank you.” Lyndall
“Since I’ve taken this course my relationship has improved so much – I’m so much more calm and in touch with myself. My relationship with my partner is fantastic, I’m not as worried or anxious and my body language has even changed! ” Nat 
“It’s a new way of thinking and being that creates emotional safety within and in the home. I’m not searching for attention to be seen, heard and can see things from a higher perspective. Inner freedom from conditioned behaviour, deep love and understanding, circuit breaking and up levelling. Thankyou” Stacey 

I spent years on my quest to know who I was

plagued by ‘not good enough’, scared of disappointing others, over-responsible for their feelings and fearful of what might happen if I was honest about me. On the outside I looked confident, on the inside my self-love was low –  I questioned myself 24/7! 

The secret I discovered was in an alternative emotional operating system. By ‘doing’ my feelings differently, I could access my ‘natural’ state at will, (even while I was talking!).  From this unshakeable core, I could lean into conflict feeling emotionally safe and in tune with what had to be said and done. I could be true to me and in doing so, solutions I’d never seen before organically unfolded. I observed even my words carried a power that felt good to me and others. Life became more peaceful, because I was more naturally me.

If I can do it, you can too. 28 days is long enough to lay the foundations for new habits that unlock the power of your authentic voice. Wouldn’t that be the most amazing gift to yourself in 2024? 

“The best thing about the program? Identifying when I’m speaking from my emotional ‘wound’ has been transformative & I have LOVED it! Thank you so much Lisa Jayne.” Anita
“I am so grateful for all that you have shared and offered, especially your generosity in being available. It’s been an incredible support and inspiring embodiment of how to relate… I feel more relaxed and confident with my daughter. It’s a true dream.” Ale

In 28 days ...

You’ll feel everyday empowered as you manage your emotions, quickly shift out of reaction and access your innate power to foster more love and connection 

You’ll have an actionable process to shift you out of ‘mute’, confusion or anger so you can access your authentic voice and feel more confident and sure of yourself in emotional situations 

You’ll learn how to identify, understand and circuit break the unconscious patterns that silence you. This helps you process in real time from any emotional wounding and supports you to access new solutions, for long lasting resolution!

You’ll discover how to create emotional safety for self and others, creating a deeper sense of connection and closeness, along with the capacity to be truly heard.

You’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose, passion and fun. You’ll have a clear action plan and plenty of tools so you’ll know what to do in challenging situations. 

Together, over 4 weeks, you will

Learn and practice an alternative emotional operating system, which diffuses the wound and shifts you into your authentic power

Discover fresh tools and strategies for dissolving the unconscious thoughts and behaviours that sabotage your joy, freedom and capacity to speak up with strength and clarity

Build habits of powerful practices that establish solid foundations for expressing your authentic self

Enjoy weekly group coaching calls

Feel plugged in to a group of likeminded friends, eager to grow and support you in our FB group

Have lifetime access to course resources – including recordings of group sessions

Have unlimited access to me via private messages, in Messenger / Whats App

Use case studies to enhance your understanding and application of your learnings

Engage with video, audio and text to keep things interesting 

Have the opportunity to work through personal tension as it happens, so you get to see how you can alchemise your habitual patterns into authentic self expression. I have your back – the real me – not a prerecording, so you get exactly what YOU need (heart is not a one size fits all process!). I invest in you with all my heart so guarantee your results when you follow the suggestions. Your investment is $448.

(If money is an obstacle and you really want to commit to you – get in touch. We can work something out.)

"This course to me has come at a perfect time. A crisis time. How much more could I have to deal with? It's just amazing how much I am changing to be the best version of me. You are running an amazing course. It's well structured. It's clear. The greatest benefit to Me. To feel not so alone. To be part of an amazing supportive Wise and wild and brave group of women Who want to do life, do family, do love from their True selves. I am just loving the impact of working on myself and having lightbulb moments. Growing into Me in all My glory! Lisa Jayne. Thank you does not convey enough." (Lesley Louise)

I tried for ages to make things work by myself, it took me a long time. I didn’t have any idea about the power of sharing a journey together, feeling emotionally safe and supported or finding a guide, who could help me develop the skills and tools I needed for my journey.  I created this course for 2 reasons. One, these are all the things I wish someone had shown me and I get excited about being able to fast track the journey of others. And two, at this time on our planet, BEING our authentic selves is perhaps the only way we might successfully navigate a connected and harmonious future. 

My personal guarantee – if you don’t feel you get the results you hope for and you’ve been fully committed to the practices, I’ll work with you personally for a fortnight free or give your money back.

When I met Lisa I was suffering from anxiety after having just ended a 4 year relationship. I'd done so much work on myself - understood so much about myself, but couldn't get rid of the feelings I was having. I was sad, my boyfriend could not listen to me and continuously talked over me - but most of all I didn't trust myself. I was frustrated and emotional mess! After working with Lisa, I clearly see what was missing from the past work I'd done...I know what to do about big feelings now if and when they arise, I and feel confident that I can choose a healthy relationship. I am continually evolving and the things I've learnt about my emotional self and the nature of relationships has absolutely changed my life with the help of Lisa Jayne. (Julia M)


About me

I believe being able to show up in our divine feminine power, whether or not we are in relationship, is key to creating relationships of the highest loving potential. This ends the battles we endure with the ones we love, whether that battle is within our heads, our hearts or manifesting into our lives.  This shift transforms relationships making them safe, supportive environments in which to grow, flourish and build families and communities that thrive.

I’m committed to ensuring I don’t only deliver information. The space I hold transmits feeling information – so you have an inner knowing of where you are going. Your cells step onboard even before you do! It’s been my obsession to find the quickest, most realistic way to unlock love that lasts, so every woman on this planet can access increasingly higher potentials for their relationships and ALWAYS show up as their authentic self. I’m super thrilled to be able to offer this mapping session – I hope it will change the world – one woman at a time.  

Working with Lisa