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Simplifying your emotions with a tool you can see, touch, feel and USE to elevate your relationships

Map YOUR original emotional blueprint so you can trade the frustrating power dynamics and repetitive frictions, for a clear, concise path to harmony and your greatest loving potential

I'm in my genius zone when I'm ...

  • shining a light on where your emotional blueprint has been overwritten
  • so you can take back your emotional power
  • and create soul-aligned, heart ecstatic relationships

I've put everything I've learnt into one clear, accessible map, so you can quickly shift from reaction into creation - and live your best possible life!

Map your unique emotional blueprint

A clear picture

  • Why do you react? Why are you stuck in repetitive patterns? What keeps me in ‘blind’ in areas I really want to succeed?
  • Your unique emotional map gives you the clarity you need to pinpoint where you are not operating your fullest potential
  • Using your map you’ll learn how to flick your ‘power’ switch on or off, so you can shift from reaction into empowerment
  • And be able to take control of your emotional system so you can be in charge of your own life (yeah!)

Restore your unique emotional power

Activating your personal potential

  • Integrating your new emotional blueprint for attracting and creating relationships with the highest loving potential
  • Embodying a new process for feeling challenges
  • Activating your ‘power’ pillars for long lasting transformation
  • Amplifying the power of body, mind, emotional self, spirit and heart to accelerate ‘wholeness’

Love in Action

Playing with Purpose and Prevention

  • Enjoying life as an advanced conductor of  your divine feminine power
  • Living your creative loving potential
  • Understanding how to communicate your feelings and emotional needs in a way that fosters intimacy
  • Creating lasting relationships that grow and empower you both

Your Emotional Blueprint Maps Out:

  • the source of your reactive triggers so you can see how to take control in situations of friction
  • what your emotional body needs so you can circuit break repetitive patterns
  • the strategies, unique to you that will activate an accessible circuit of personal power
  • ancestral ‘belief patterns’ that need to be cleared so you can reclaim greater confidence and clarity in all your relationships
  • the path to purpose and unshakeable self-expression

Your map covers past, present, future and ancestral dimensions while integrating your mind, body, spirit and heart – bringing all the parts back into wholeness so you can access the power of your own essence in the life you are living.

You leave with:

  • a clear map of the 4 specific opportunities that can be opened up to activate heightened levels of authentic power 
  • a concise picture of the causes of power loss – why you’re not able to fully actualise your intentions for your life
  • 3 powerful and actionable tools for each area of your life, specifically designed to fast track your change
  • supportive strategies that generate emotional power for your purification process


You'll be clear on ...

How to 'show up' in your authentic power when dating or in relationship

Hidden saboteurs you need to know about when choosing a partner, creating connection

Your keys to creating relationships of trust, safety and growth

Where you need to 'rewire' for greater confidence and clarity

The 'power' pillars unique to you that will activate your loving potential

Your path of purpose for expanding opportunities of support, love and abundance

I've worked on myself and have studied many modalities that have looked at my wounds and past. I thought I had addressed a lot of the issues but after awhile I found myself slipping back into old habits. I was blown away with the preparation Lisa had done prior to my session. She had created an emotional map for me - her interpretation of my personality was spot on. Even with all the work I have done I left the session with an abundance of tools I never had - tools that i can implement to make the changes I need to make for a happier, fulfilling life. Thank you Lisa - my mind feels a lot clearer! (Madeleine P)

Imagine you now have the clarity to see your potential triggers before they go off.  Your insight is so clear you can see the possibilities of any interaction so you can make sure you are creating outcomes of the highest loving potential.

What if you could minimise or prevent feelings of friction, not good enough and uncertainty? You’d feel so much more empowered, excited and joyful about your life – and you can consciously amp up your personal power because you understand your unique activators.


About me

I believe being able to show up in our divine feminine power, whether or not we are in relationship, is key to creating relationships of the highest loving potential. This ends the battles we endure with the ones we love, whether that battle is within our heads, our hearts or manifesting into our lives.  This shift transforms relationships making them safe, supportive environments in which to grow, flourish and build families and communities that thrive.

I’m committed to ensuring I don’t only deliver information. The space I hold transmits feeling information – so you have an inner knowing of where you are going. Your cells step onboard even before you do! It’s been my obsession to find the quickest, most realistic way to unlock love that lasts, so every woman on this planet can access increasingly higher potentials for their relationships and ALWAYS show up as their authentic self. I’m super thrilled to be able to offer this mapping session – I hope it will change the world – one woman at a time.  

Working with Lisa