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It took me a long time to realise the fundamental piece that had been missing from my life. I struggled to say what I felt, to free myself from old patterns of behaviour and to trust myself to choose a partner. It felt like there was a shell over the real me that was operating my life and it rarely ended up taking me where I knew I could potentially go.

I spent years on my quest,

scared of letting go but knowing I couldn’t keep holding it all together. How could I understand myself and BE me, so I feel connected confident and sure in my own heart? 

The truth was, I’d been there all along, it was my emotions, psychological programming and thinking that created the ‘barrier to entry’! 

For my clients returning to their own fundamental nature is simpler, quicker and easier as I have the opportunity to guide them step by step, shining a light for clarity, providing tools to remove fears and helping them build the skills they need to be connected to their true self in any moment – especially through challenges! 

I've worked on myself and have studied many modalities that have looked at my wounds and past. I thought I had addressed a lot of the issues but after awhile I found myself slipping back into old habits. I was blown away with the preparation Lisa had done prior to my session. She had created an emotional map for me - her interpretation of my personality was spot on. Even with all the work I have done I left the session with an abundance of tools I never had - tools that i can implement to make the changes I need to make for a happier, fulfilling life. Thank you Lisa - my mind feels a lot clearer! (Madeleine P)

Your commitment to YOU means in 8 weeks ...

You’ll have an actionable process to shift from your head to your heart. Which means you’ll be moving from controlling, pushing and feeling disconnected to flow, connection and trust. Your family will love you!

You’ll be able to ‘re-locate’ yourself within this world of upheaval, financial stress and relationship friction into a state of calm and self-assurance.​ Your heart will feel satisfied!

You’ll feel everyday empowered as you manage your emotions, quickly shift out of reaction and access hidden creative potential -communicating with confidence so you can action the ‘right’ solutions. Your mind will be clear!

You’ll be chuffed to realize you’re actually becoming a ‘gun’ at cycle-busting! Transforming repetitive dynamics that chip away at your self esteem and feel terrible into harmonious and respectful connection. Your body will feel relaxed!

You’ll feel like you KNOW yourself. Your relationship with you, is strengthening your inner power of conviction which opens the door to your true purpose. Your spirit will be nurtured!

You’ll understand and have practiced implementing a new form of relationship. You’ll be able to establish a relationship built on co-creation, fostering growth, emotional safety and deep intimacy.  Your little girl will be free to have fun and play!

Your 8 week program includes

Little lessons for daily action (video, audio, text)

A minimum of 4 community zoom calls for additional support

Daily Support via FB group


Regular private and personal feedback via messenger or Whats App

An accountability buddy (optional)

Discounted private consultations during our 8 week journey

Let's open the 8 gateways to your true self...

Gateway 1 Who are YOU?

Activating the power of Self value

Reconnecting to your unique essence and locating yourself in our world of upheaval, remapping your future.

Gateway 2 Opening the heart

Activating the power of Self Understanding

Transmuting obstacles – the truth about fear, uncertainty, anxiety, numb and stuck. 

Gateway 3 Out with the old

Activating the power of Self Honesty

In with the new and circuit breaking repetitive dynamics and cycles of friction. 

Gateway 4 Unlocking creative potential

Activating the power of Self Love

The real purpose of emotion and flipping from reaction to creation. 

Gateway 5 Removing self doubt

Activating the power of Self Trust

Trusting yourself, where intuitive knowing, clarity and confidence create flow. 

Gateway 6 Dissolving ancestral anchors

Activating the power of Self Worth

Cleaning up belief systems and elevating the mind, personal will, conviction and family obligations.

Gateway 7 New relationships

Activating the power of Self Allegiance

Love in Action for deeper connection, fulfilling love, effective communication.

Gateway 8 Living as YOU

Activating the power of Self Knowing

Being free to express your authentic self, unlocking passion and purpose, flow and trust in EVERY aspect if life = true freedom. 

I tried for ages to make things work by myself, it took me a long time. I didn’t have any idea about the power of sharing a journey together, feeling emotionally safe and supported or finding a guide, who could help me develop the skills and tools I needed for my journey. Yes, it’s your journey – no one can reconnect YOU to your true self except you, but you don’t have to do it alone or without a map!
That’s exhausting and life is getting shorter. 
Our next 8 week program starts August 8th. 

My personal guarantee – if you don’t feel you get the results you hope for and you’ve been fully committed to the practices, I’ll work with you personally for a fortnight free or give your money back.

When I met Lisa I was suffering from anxiety after having just ended a 4 year relationship. I'd done so much work on myself - understood so much about myself, but couldn't get rid of the feelings I was having. I was sad, my boyfriend could not listen to me and continuously talked over me - but most of all I didn't trust myself. I was frustrated and emotional mess! After working with Lisa, I clearly see what was missing from the past work I'd done...I know what to do about big feelings now if and when they arise, I and feel confident that I can choose a healthy relationship. I am continually evolving and the things I've learnt about my emotional self and the nature of relationships has absolutely changed my life with the help of Lisa Jayne. (Julia M)


About me

I believe being able to show up in our divine feminine power, whether or not we are in relationship, is key to creating relationships of the highest loving potential. This ends the battles we endure with the ones we love, whether that battle is within our heads, our hearts or manifesting into our lives.  This shift transforms relationships making them safe, supportive environments in which to grow, flourish and build families and communities that thrive.

I’m committed to ensuring I don’t only deliver information. The space I hold transmits feeling information – so you have an inner knowing of where you are going. Your cells step onboard even before you do! It’s been my obsession to find the quickest, most realistic way to unlock love that lasts, so every woman on this planet can access increasingly higher potentials for their relationships and ALWAYS show up as their authentic self. I’m super thrilled to be able to offer this mapping session – I hope it will change the world – one woman at a time.  

Working with Lisa