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3 x 90 minute sessions


Resolve longer term issues and learn the preventative and life changing emotional skills that build your mental resilience, your self-assertiveness and a new level of clarity around how to do what you’ve tried to do, but couldn’t (up until now).

  • Feel bullied/unappreciated at work?
  • Wish it wasn’t always up to you to get stuff done?
  • Want your partner to love you more, listen, enjoy you more?
  • Want to run away from the family chaos?
  • Long to feel more self assertive and intuitively know what to say and do?

You’ll find moving into Christmas easier, knowing exactly how to lay powerful foundations for the best year ever!  AND you’ll learn how to communicate in a way that actually works to get you what you want.

On purchase, an email will be sent with further instructions on scheduling your first appointment.


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