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Premium Elevate Program

This is an opportunity to work closely with Lisa for 4 months, integrating the dynamic and intuitive protocols of your new emotional tech into every area of your life. Your relational system is completely recoded, integrating every aspect of your being through clear actionable steps that build unshakeable pillars for elevated relationship. Includes private sessions, daily support via Whats App, resources, audio lessons, meditations. Please schedule a call as I work with a limited number of people each month. This is absolutely obligation free and if this package is not right for you, I’ll recommend some resources that will help you right now! See below for more detail.


Work with me to Embody a complete Emotional Reprogram


I work closely with you over 4 months, you have access to me how and when you need it.

  • One to one consults
  • You will not just be learning new information, this technology is a dynamic, alive transmission, releasing unconscious stored emotion to fast track your integration
  • Intuitive mapping of your emotional wheel house – establishing your unique pillars for transmuting old and stuck patterns, that you may think are ‘just you’.
  • Hands on teachings in the moment – how to apply your new tech in tricky and challenging situations
  • Whats APP support, regular checkins
  • Access to all resources, mini classes, meditations and group coaching calls for community support

You will

  • Understand the nature of the emotional system you may have been running unconsciously since childhood
  • Demonstrate to yourself how this system actually creates the patterns and relationships you have in your life that you DON’T want. You get to SEE the reality that is hidden under the feelings. 
  • Delete old patterns and behaviors that have you feeling confused, insecure and helpless.
  • Install new emotional technology for quickly shifting emotional reaction and activating confidence and clarity.
  • Learn the keys to emotionally mapping the feeling back to its source so you can alchemise the charge into wisdom and creative power.
  • Practice new modes of communication, assertion and leaning into conflict with confidence (yes it is possible!)
  • Create a ‘go to’ process unique to you that you can use to step back into your own power and prevent situations that activate reaction (Ie you will learn how to stop putting yourself in a position to be hurt – emotionally
  • Apply what you know to all areas of your life – taking your expertise with this new technology to new levels
  • Understand how the heart can be activated for energetic power, manifestation, healing and connection
  • Discover how to use emotional energy to generate creative potential, wisdom and superconscious clarity


  • You will feel like a completely new version of yourself. Empowered, self assured and ready to actualise your authentic potential and live your purpose
  • New levels of clarity around relationships – you will see where they are at and know what to do next, whether with partners, friends or family
  • Amplified feelings of courage and knowing – you will feel connected to your natural self and know how to get out of your head and into your heart for deep peace
  • Elevated levels of self esteem, self knowing and self understanding
  • You will be able to trust yourself

If you’ve ever wondered how you could completely redesign your life and live within a paradigm of grace and ease then this adventure is for you. This is taking back control over your inner world and feel empowered and at ease regardless of the situations that present themselves. The result? You’ll look back and wonder why no-one ever taught you life and relationships could be like this.  You’ll experience an unshakeable state of being, an amplification of your intuitive wisdom, and deep satisfaction with your life. Then you will be able to live your authentic purpose and express your greatest potential, passionately!

Please schedule a call as I work with a limited number of people each month. We’ll spend some time getting to know each other – you get to have all your questions answered and we’ll know if you’re ready. This is absolutely obligation free and if this package is not right for you, I’ll recommend some resources that will help you right now!

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1 review for Premium Elevate Program

  1. Lisa

    I can’t express just how much Lisa has changed my life and the relationships with my family. Lisa has taught me how to open up and feel my feelings and emotions to make me a better person and have better relationships with not only my family but my friends. Thank you Lisa you will never know just how much you have changed my life. AMANDA S

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