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A Quantum Shift in Your Relationships (2)

A Quantum Shift in Your Relationships

What would it take to create a quantum shift in your relationship?  When you’re stuck in a rut – and feeling despondent, after having tried for years to feel heard and to communicate effectively with your partner, it’s a little out of our emotional reach to imagine feeling anything different, right?


I totally know that place – well, I know it now because in hindsight, I can see at the time I wasn’t aware I was walking on eggshells, filtering what I said and compromising LARGE parts of myself to keep the peace. I was so focussed on why he didn’t care enough about our relationship to do anything to improve it, I totally skipped over the fact that I was abandoning myself every single day. I became so obsessed with his drinking, his smoking, his silent treatment that I didn’t see there was another option for me to feel resolved in the friction I experienced day to day. I believed I was being unconditionally loving. I made space for him and his behaviour, made space for my kids, made space for every other person in my life – until there was no space for me. I held no emotional space for me. And I thought if I fixed all this stuff up on the outside, I’d feel good again.


I remember my husband saying to me once “Just tell me what you want me to say and I’ll say it!!” At the time I thought … “that’s not the point!”. Now I wonder if I knew what the point I was trying to make, was.  I didn’t know me, I didn’t know how I wanted my relationship to be and I certainly didn’t know HOW to be in a healthy, empowering relationship that was not driven by friction generated from childhood wounds and past feeling memories that continually got activated.


How can I have a happy, fulfilling relationship with YOU if I don’t have a happy, fulfilling relationship with myself? How can I communicate effectively, if I’m not clear on my feelings myself? If I don’t listen and give time to me, how can I expect you to listen and give time to me?


I’ve spent years researching and practicing what it’s like to be in an intimate relationship with myself, so I no longer abandon myself to keep others happy or to be accepted. I’ve looked deeply into the ‘missing piece’ that kept me making choices out of the fear of being alone, or feeling unsafe. I discovered there are so many tools available, so many ‘authorities’ to listen to, and an infinite number of 21 day challenges I can do (lol!). I made things very complicated when in fact, I’ve discovered it’s really quite simple and very natural. I’d love to share with you the potential for relationships I think many of you sense is possible – but perhaps just don’t know how to get there from where you are now. And I‘d love to share this with you because knowing this means you

·      no longer have to question your intuition – which builds self-trust

·      won’t be second guessing yourself – which builds self-assurance

·      don’t have to berate yourself for thinking the grass is always greener – which builds self-belief


It’s true. There’s a better way and in your heart, you know it.


I want you to know, when I learned how to move beyond my wounds and shift the WAY I was in relationship to myself … the relationships I dreamt of started turning up in my life. My life made a quantum leap into realms I didn’t even know were possible. Sometimes it seems almost too good to be true and I watch my mind want to cast doubt, introduce fear and uncertainty. I know that’s been its job for a long time … habitually. I’m awake to its shenanigans … and bring it back into the guidance of my heart. I’m putting everything I’ve learnt, the practical stuff and all the feelings into a new book – so you get to experience what this new way of relationship FEELS like. Because it is about being ALIVE. It’s about being a part of your own experience of living, where there are unseen forces of intelligence and power, like grace and harmony, that will work with you to live IN JOY.


“A quantum relationship doesn’t have to be anything other than what it is – it’s perfect in its imperfection – both partners are centered in their own being. There is no handing over of personal power or taking of personal power. These individuals are equal in their state – fully owning all that they are – and loving themselves so much they EXPRESS that to each other.


These relationships are founded in the now – there is no past, no future, and yet it has the essence of being eternal, existing beyond the two bodies that are coming together to generate the relationship. A quantum relationship emits high frequency love, which purifies the frequencies around them … because it emits harmony and grace – living transmissions that actively transform the people, places and things they come into contact with. “


Science is now starting to provide evidence for the power of the heart. In my opinion, we have only just scratched the surface. I’m not an expert, I’m simply an adventurer, always ready and willing to jump into the unknown, so I can relate my experiences in order to make it easier for others to do the same. And as a fellow adventurer, I’d like to highly recommend you follow your heart and open up to the unknown, trusting yourself and being there for YOU, so you can enjoy the quantum shift in your relationships that is ready and waiting to happen.


Sending you love,



Lisa Jayne is Australia’s leading authority on Quantum Relationships. As a specialist in Emotions, she guides people back into their authentic self so they can create a life of harmony and ease, with the communication skills and practical tools they need to experience a quantum shift in all their relationships.  Lisa is available for talks, to facilitate workshops and supports a small number of private clients. You can reach out to her via email or schedule a call to find out more. 

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