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Discover the power of Emotion Education for innovative human evolution

Emotion Education Programs

In any situation, emotion education unlocks the trapped potential for greater connection, productivity and harmony that result from fear, defensiveness, hurt, unrealistic expectations and conflict created by unprocessed human trauma.  Whatever your needs, a program will be developed that can deliver tools and strategies for immediate transformation.

In schools  Catering for Grades 5-12, staff development and parent education:

  • term programs
  • talks
  • group workshops   

In Corporations  Some of the outcomes from an emotion ally education workplace are:

  • less unproductive time from sick days, mental health, burn out and stress.
  • improved and more effective levles of communication
  • reduced bullying, office politics, unhealthy workplace power dynamics
  • increased productivity from personal inner satisfaction
  • In retreats / wellness centres

    • increased capacity to apply knowledge clients have learnt
    • clients are resourced with tools and skills that will support them to implement and maintain change effectively on return to everyday life
    • more effective communication skills
    • understanding of the patterns that may have lead to their present situation – and how they can use their reactions to spark new and creative solutions
    • Aftercare – practical and easy to apply strategies for life back in the real world that continue emotional empowerment, delivered through newsletters and short audio recordings 

Some of the outcomes from an Emotion Education program:

  • Understanding how to use emotional reaction to access innovative NEW solutions for long term problems
  • Effective skills for interrupting patterns of reaction and developing healthier, more empowering behaviours
  • Skills practice for prevention of emotional upsets, for ease and confidence 
  • Powerful foundations for emotionally supportive, safe and encouraging relationships of deeper connection and intimacy
  • New skills for effective and deliberate communication
  • Capacity to self-regulate and co-regulate through emotional experiences
  • Increased levels of emotional awareness that builds discernment and intuitive, self supporting responses
  • Skills for resolving disagreements without unnecessary conflict and with harmonious outcomes
  • Ability to collaborate with the mind for inner strength and outer success
  • Skills to implement and practice daily activities for emotional and mental health, including active contemplation, self reflection tools and more


How can our emotion education directly influence human evolution?

As a key note speaker, thought leader and inspirational mentor, Lisa engages audiences with her passion and warmth. Challenging audiences to consider a new idea – how they deal with every feeling matters for an empwoered life, she supports her listeners to walkway with practical skills they can implement right now in their own life to feel greater ease, creativity and connection. 

Whatever your needs, Lisa’s presentations will have any audience feeling empowered and inspired. 

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Hi, I'm Lisa, The Emotions Whisperer

I’m a Mother of 4 and a woman passionate about emotional education. Did you know you can work with your emotions in a way that you actually feel more energized and clearer on your path ahead? The way you integrate your emotional experiences gives you the fuel you need for greater discernment and connection to yourself and others … in fact, with the correct skills and tools you’ll discover your feelings are your greatest power. 

In my own life, teaching in schools and later in my private practice, I’ve observed how a lack of emotional skill can interfere (and block) effective communication, personal growth, compassion and connection. The incapacity to integrate the way you feel can actually PREVENT you from receiving the love you really want to experience and you may find yourself stuck in a feeling loop – destined to recycle old patterns of angst, anxiety, hurt, again and again – each time more painful than the last.  Your emotional ‘education’ allows you to emerge into more freedom and enjoy a truer, more empowered version of yourself. 

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