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I used to think life was so complicated – and my relationships seemed impossible to ‘make right’

It's been a long journey ...

Having two very different relationships, but both of them ending up as disasters made me realise this was one thing I couldn't fix just by working harder.

It's good to do your research...

Here’s a bit about me – like most women, I’m a tapestry of experiences all perfectly designed to develop in me the very skills and wisdom I need to be right here, right now, doing what I’m doing!

  • I have 2 degrees and have worked in corporate and owned/operated medium sized retail businesses throughout my 20s and 30s.
  • I’m a mother of 4 (this was the penultimate opportunity to surrender!)
  • I’ve spent many years teaching in both primary and secondary schools
  • I am doggedly determined – every pain, every conflict, I have used to transmute and integrate aspects of myself to constantly show up with more empowerment, wisdom and self knowledge
  • I have relentlessly pursued new information – studying mindset, meditation, psychotherapy, breathwork, gestalt and emotional release techniques. 
  • I finally gave up driving, striving with my head and opened up to the intelligence of my heart. I have proven to myself over and over again, this power supercedes anything my brainy-brain can do. 

I was determined to find a way back to my authentic power and be able to stay there in my relationships. I’ve since discovered, this ended my ‘battles’ with loved ones and transformed all my relationships into safe, supportive environments in which we all could grow and flourish.

My promises

What you learn must be useful, practical and clear. I’m committed to providing explicit building blocks that work in every day life.

I’m committed to ensuring I don’t only deliver information. The space I hold transmits feeling information – so you have an inner knowing of where you are going. Your cells step onboard even before you do!

You get to show up as you. I’m committed to ensuring safe, connected spaces that FEEL good and foster healing.

I will be honest and direct – I won’t do your inner work for you. I will however, do everything in my power to make it easier for you. 

You will get the authentic me – I value myself way too much to waste any energy being something I’m not. 

I guarantee my program – if we get to the end and you aren’t enjoying the results expected, I’ll keep working with you free of charge until you do.

"Lisa is the most genuine and effective mentor that I have had the privilege to learn from. Her approach is like no other. It is truly revolutionary and evolutionary! Thank you for being the person to help me start this journey, as well as walk it with me." ~ Evelene

Need a Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

New emotional technology completely shifts the bar on mental and emotional health issues. It works because it transforms the NATURE of relationship itself – and this includes the relationships you are in with yourself. 

As a thought leader, I not only deliver new ideas for inspiration – but also provide the concise, relevant and actionable steps to take next. 

Emotional technology is practical and transformative. Embedded within any topic, it’s always juicy and engaging!