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You've probably tried do it alone.
Emotion can be managed, when you know how, so communication is easier, relationships feel more loving and life is a lot less stressful.

Private Consultations

Trying to control your anger and frustration, but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re in a relationship, longing to feel more intimacy and connection with your partner or dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, knowing how to navigate your emotional reactions is the key to being able to move forward. 

By reaching out for support with your life and relationships, you’re taking affirmative action and you might be surprised at how easy making the shift, actually is.

About your session

Being ready to change and willing to act is essential. I am not here to fix you – I’m here to guide you by giving you the skills and tools you need to navigate your emotions and undertake the necessary steps that will help you feel free, empowered and excited about your life.

I teach a proven process that will help you find newfound clarity on any issue you bring. I also teach the words, sentences and strategies that will support you to express yourself so you can feel supported and connected, creating better quality outcomes.

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, consultations are available in person. Otherwise they are provided online via zoom. Sessions are recorded. In the session you’ll get clarity and actionable steps on at least one big issue. What you take away will be ‘transferable’ to other issues you may be facing. 

Initial consultation is $220 for 90 minutes. One session ‘packs a punch’ – however, if you’d like to work with me further there are a number of options to suit different budgets. Within 24 hours of scheduling your session via the calendar below, you’ll receive an email from me with further details. 

“When reviewing Lisa’s online presence, it is evident she is both passionate and highly successful in assisting women and mothers of teenage girls.
As a 63-year-old male I am neither of these, however after engaging Lisa several months ago, my emotional awareness has been transformed, as has my capacity to be a better partner, parent, colleague and friend.
Lisa’s friendly, intuitive process has allowed me to identify the root causes of these patterns and enabled me to learn skills to address them when they arise. This has had a profound freeing effect for me.
In short, I think Lisa is brilliant!” Andrew

“I’m a 25year old and I was feeling very terrible about myself and felt like I wasn’t myself, didn’t know myself and I was just going down a blackhole with no way out of it, a friend of mine introduced me to Lisa. I am so grateful to have taken the decision to work with her, already after 4 sessions I could feel a major change on how I interact with challenges that comes my way.

She helped me be more aware of my own thoughts, emotions and feelings and how to consciously interact with them with a few helpful tips that I use outside of the session on my every day life. The best part is that she helped me realize how beautiful the relationship with myself can be with a simple shift of mindset and by accepting who I am instead of trying to work against my own mind and thoughts.

The work that I’ve done with Lisa is life changing and opened a whole new world to me” Matt