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Every month join an experiential class designed to support you to create more emotional freedom, self knowing and empowerment in your own life

THIS MONTH – Do you have FAITH in yourself? Using Projections for Empowerment.

Wednesday, MAY 15th, 7-9pm AU$44

  • What is a projection? How do I identify if what is happening is my ‘stuff’ or it’s theirs and has nothing to do with me?
  • What do my projections mean for my future? How can I walk forward as my authentic self and not sacrifice my wellbeing?
  • How can I use projections to create more clarity in my relationships and confidence I’m doing the right thing? 
  • Why understanding projections mean I get to use the innate intelligence of life to help me identify hidden drivers that impact my purpose and potential
  • Find out how to resolve the mind chatter – why is this happening to me? Maybe I shouldn’t have said/done/thought that…

LIVE Classes every month, with practical and actionable steps you can take to reconnect with your authentic power and resolve emotional instability.

  • Book your spot
  • Receive your link via email
  • Show up and bring your questions – small group environment for emotional safety and support 
  • Experiential opportunities to practice a fresh approach 
  • Numbers are capped so everyone can be seen. heard and supported 

THIS MONTH – How to use projection!

Say goodbye to confusion and frustration at the repetitive patterns that continually sabotage your life

Discover how to use the innate intelligence of life as a mirror, so you can SEE hidden drivers impacting your relationships

Finally know how to resolve the mind chatter – is it me? is it them? why is this happening to me?

Don't you hate it when your 'emotional self' makes choices for you that end up creating conflict, confusion and heartache? Wouldn't you prefer to be able to trust yourself, feel MORE self love and act with clarity, conviction and courage?

I want to find a quality partner who I can have a family with.  I’m scared I’m running out of time. I feel like there’s something wrong with me and don’t know what to do with feelings of rejection. I can figure out most things – but can’t crack the code on this!

I’ve already been married and I’m petrified I’ll end up in the same sort of relationship. I want to get rid of the hurt I feel, so it doesn’t impact new relationships, but don’t know how.  I’m scared I’ll grow old alone. I’m so successful at work – why not relationships?

I want to know who I am. I want to know what makes me happy, how I can feel more connected and really enjoy my life. I want to understand myself so I don’t abandon myself and sacrifice my own wellbeing for others.

“I’ve discovered by understanding my own (and other people’s) projections I could see patterns. Life was informing me moment to moment! I started using that information to consciously change my reality. I could take charge of my unconscious drivers and start BEing more me. ” Linda 

Who am I to make such bold claims?

I respect that you’ve asked (wise girls ‘probe’ and do their research). Without getting all existential on you, I wanted to show you who I am. 


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Kind Words from my clients

“Lisa helped me understand my emotions and really helped me and my partner deal with living with teenage children and stepping back into our power. Her work is simple and delivered in an unpretentious and easy to digest way. We all have such busy lives, I’m so grateful Lisa stripped it back into simple steps to be emotionally powerful.”

Michelle Powell
Founder/Owner “Naturally Sauced”

“For years I was walking on eggshells, not speaking my truth, not setting up personal boundaries, people pleasing and continually feeling exhausted, unhappy and disempowered. The keys that Lisa teaches are easy to understand and apply – she has such a unique and fresh approach to freeing ourselves from these patterns of behaviour. Lisa made me feel like she was walking beside me from the way she shared her personal experiences so honestly and in such a relatable way.”

Julie Bourke
Creative Intentions

“That’s what I love about this content – Lisa doesn’t take the power from the person, she gives the power. We have that power and need to see it within ourselves. I feel like I can see things more clearly. Some experts tell us what to do and we are hooked onto them and feel like we can’t do it by ourselves. But with Lisa, I know I can do it on my own. It’s simple and I can follow easy. Lisa’s examples make it very palatable.”

Samiksha Tungare
Business Administration

“The 5 keys will change your perspective of your own life and give you the insight into why you react a certain way. It gives you the tools so you can change it and don’t have to stay in that same mode you’re in. Lisa is personable., and easy to relate to. She’s on the same level as you.”

Annabel Mulligan

“I have participated in a number of Lisa’s evening groups and one-on-ones. Each time I walked away feeling heard. For me, her suggestions or the space she gave for me to step up to meet my needs was so supportive and gracious.

Zimmi Forest
Weaving Nature

“I’d never really thought about it I actually think this is pretty generic. I actually think if we all learn how to understand our emotions, we can show anyone in our lives and teach them how to do it too. One of my biggest takeaways was the understanding of why I react the way I do – I never thought of it in that way.”

Kasia Wrzesinski
Owner, “Phillip Island Accomodation”