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I help you identify and transform, the unconscious drivers that are sabotaging your relationships and your true potential.

The ALIVE formula, reconnects you to your authentic self and gives you a process for living from coherence every day, so you get to enjoy more love, emotional safety and joy!

Feeling out of 'emotional' control

Trying to control your emotions, but don’t know where to start? Want to know what you’re meant to do to make things right in your relationship, your work or with your parenting?

I know that overwhelming feeling, arising uninvited in my body from emotional triggers. I’ve felt fear, dread or anxiety about my future and the overwhelming sense of helplessness that can follow. 

We are all learning to LIVE fully in a world with unlimited expectations and pressures. We’re all trying to reconnect to our greatest potential within a framework of emotional reaction. My research and experience, has shown me time and time again, by transforming that framework, you get to access resources that were previously unavailable. Through it, I’ve learnt how to see where people are stuck … and what’s in the way of them being their BEST selves. 

Whether you feel disconnected to partners, unable to find your purpose, or confused and in ongoing emotional pain, having practical steps to apply is self love in action.

“I’ve never been able to live alone – or be able to not need external validation. I don’t know who I am. I’ve never discovered me – how to live authentically. This is a whole new world that FEELS so freeing. I’m actually now feeling curious, instead of despondent” Yvette M

About your session

Being ready to change and willing to act is essential. I am not here to fix you – I’m here to guide you by giving you the skills and tools you need to navigate your emotions and undertake the necessary steps that will help you feel free, empowered and excited about your life.

I teach a proven process (The ALIVE formula) that will help you find clarity on any issue you bring. I also teach the words, sentences and strategies that will support you to express yourself so you can feel supported and connected, creating better quality outcomes.

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, consultations are available in person. Otherwise they are provided online via zoom. Sessions are recorded. In the session you’ll get clarity and actionable steps on at least one big issue. What you take away will be ‘transferable’ to other issues you may be facing. 

Initial consult is 90 minutes ($220), ongoing sessions can be 90 or 60 minutes and discounts for packages of 5 sessions (which I recommend) apply.  Within 24 hours of scheduling your session via the calendar below, you’ll receive an email from me with further details. 

“I was blundering through conversations, trying to work things out with my partner, but it always ended in conflict or me feeling resentful.  I wondered if he would ever be at my level. I know I can’t change him, but I’m excited because I know how to find me and take charge of my emotions. I’ve got clear steps to take to express how I feel and build good foundations for conversation now. I feel more relaxed and I am letting go of stuff. ” Angela C

“I can’t express just how much Lisa has changed my life and the relationships with my family. Lisa has taught me how to open up and feel my feelings and emotions to make me a better person and have better relationships with not only my family but my friends. Thank you Lisa you will never know just how much you have changed my life. xx” Amanda S