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Cultivating Cocreative Relationships

Evolve beyond disconnective, codependent emotional patterns using a simple system for change

A 90-day program that leads you every step of the way

Repeating the same patterns

I really want to be in a healthy relationship but I keep attracting the wrong people. I hate feeling needy, but I just don’t know what to do about it. I often don’t say what I really feel and sacrifice my needs for others.

Feeling distant from your partner

No matter how much I try to make her happy, she doesn't seem to respond. I miss the affection. We constantly bicker, and I feel so lonely and isolated that I feel like giving up.

Program of Weekly Topics

The program is split into 3 streams across the 13-weeks. A new teaching is introduced each week accompanied by the tools and strategies you need to be able to apply your learnings to your real-life situation. 

Stream 1 - Know it
Develop awareness of disconnective behaviours

  1. Flipping relationship culture right way up
  2. The Unseen Currency (the real cost of codependency) 
  3. An Introduction to Emotion Mapping (Emotion Mapping 1) 
  4. Looking in the right place for your solutions (Emotion Mapping 2) 
  5. Reclaiming your Internal Power 
  6. Resolution in the new paradigm

Stream 2 - Live it
Integrate new behaviours in your every day life

  1. The Conscious Evolution (Acting from new foundations) 
  2. Breaking chains of codependency for good 
  3. Emotional Freedom in practice – co-creative action 
  4. Confrontation, conflict and codependency – dealing with the aftermath

Stream 3 - Protect it
Prevent obstacles to ongoing connection

  1. Attracting & creating ‘right’ relationships – partners, friends & work 
  2. Living your FULL value – a new system for living 
  3. Emotional Flow

What's in the box?

One audio teaching per week incl. meditations, notes, and activities

~20 mins each

Regular check-ins from Lisa via the Whatsapp group including 'live' support  

Within 4 hours during 9-5pm

Monthly live sessions with group meditation and coaching via Zoom*

1 hour

Initial live session to start the program and meet your supportive community

1 hour

*Groups will be moderated and structured by Lisa to create a safe and supportive environment.

Working with Lisa

What you'll learn

Enjoy a supportive environment while developing inner resources for relationships that feel easy and naturally flow towards mutual empowerment,  deep connection and loving support.  

This program aims to teach you how to: 

Diffuse emotional reaction and flip into co-creation

Learn a system for creating relationships that are mutually empowering

Map and resolve the root cause of your 'emotional' behaviour

Deliberately and effectively deal with conflict

Attract lasting, quality relationships that add joy and ease to your life

Dissolve emotional residual from the past so it stops impacting your present


What is Codependency?
Codependency is an umbrella term that describes behaviours we take to ensure our emotional needs are met by other people, places and things. It is a conditioned way of being in relationship and because it requires us to seek what we need externally, we disconnect more and more from ourselves. Ironically, the behaviours we have learnt to try to get what we want, actually push those things away in the long term. Codependency includes, but is not limited to: “don’t poke the bear”, walking on eggshells, telling half truths, minimising situations to avoid conflict, people pleasing, “poor me, I have to do everything”, being responsible for how others feel and accepting unacceptable behaviour.

What are disconnective behaviours?
All behaviours that feed codependency within the self and with others. For example, say I feel not good enough, rather than tending to that feeling, I disconnect from myself (because it feels uncomfortable) and attempt to feel ok about myself via others. For example, I say yes, when I want to say No, so they think I’m a great person and I feel a sense of worth. The problem with this is, I have not been true to myself (I have disconnected from me) which may make me feel resentful. My resentment then gets in the way of the connection I have with the other person. I cannot be truly present due to the nature of this interaction.  No one feels connected. 

This is really personal stuff, and really scary to look at let alone share with others!
There’s no obligation to undertake the program. If you are content with where you’re at then that’s all that’s important right now, so stay there. However, if you really want to change, my promise to you is that you will have a loving, caring and safe space to grow and free yourself from what you are ready to let go of. I will never force you to share and all personal and group interactions will be structured and respectful. 

This is a practical program and focuses on your unique challenges with the aim of changing your system of living. How much you want 2023 to be the year you broke the chains that have held you back will determine your level of commitment!

6 Feb

90-day program

First adopter special $299

Learn how to move beyond co-dependent patterns of relationship and free yourself to feel awesomely empowered - whether or not you're in a relationship

+ three 1:1 sessions


The icing on the cake is being able to receive additional support with three 90 minute private consultations. (Places limited)

+ five 1:1 sessions


Fast track the impact you experience with an additional five 90 minute private consultations. (Places limited)

A client story on 'speaking up'

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About Lisa

After raising 4 kids, teaching primary and high school aged children and overcoming her own relationship challenges, Lisa has come to see that the way society teaches us to be in relationships is upside down. Rather than creating feelings of deepening connection over time, emotional tension often leads to disconnective behaviors, conflict and resentment. This lack of emotional education is the source of many social problems, including lower levels of personal productivity in the workplace and increases in traumatic relationship breakdown.

Lisa has worked with over a thousand clients: men, women, mothers, fathers, singles and couples. She has guided people both individually and in groups to overcome patterns of relationship that no longer serve and foster new levels of connection for exquisite personal satisfaction. Lisa has helped single men and women understand the way to attract the right partner and build the foundations for co-creative relationships that feel more loving and connected over time. She has supported hundreds of mothers to create cohesive relationships with their daughters and feel closer during the teen years.  

Lisa’s lighthearted presence and ‘hands-on’ approach has her clients feeling empowered, inspired and very clear on how to walk a new path, true to themselves, that naturally leads to their greatest potential. 

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