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JUNE 8th, 7pm Sydney time

I'm teaching the 3 things I did that shifted me out of the pain in 3 days!! Learn how to free yourself from the agony so you can reconnect with your purpose and passion. These techniques will diffuse the emotion and ignite hope again.

JUNE 13th, 9am Sydney time

Oh yes. Most of us hate feeling that but just...can' it. Well it's time to say good bye to little miss needy. You are far too magnificent to give away your power like that.

JUNE 22nd, 11am Sydney time

Leaving a relationship can be incredibly traumatic. How can you be sure you're making the right move? and how can you do it in a way that minimizes the collateral damage?

JUNE 30th, 7pm Sydney time

Imagine being able to feel SURE you won't end up in the same type of relationship as last time. Often after being hurt this is a big fear! You know what? There is a solution!

JULY 6th, 9am Sydney time

Let's face it. Women fall in love and dive in deep straight away. Discover how you can master your emotional reactions and NOT place yourself in a position to be hurt.

JULY 10th, 12pm Sydney time

With some new emotional tech, you'll see where you may have been setting yourself up for relationship suicide and learn how to prevent, even the unconscious set-ups that end in disaster.

JULY 18th, 11am Sydney time

How do you combat loneliness while you are single? Loneliness can drive you to reach out for company in all the wrong places and leave you feeling even worse.

JULY 23rd, 5pm Sydney time

We abandon ourselves every time we say YES when we want to say NO. Then often we put ourselves in a position to be emotionally hurt and find we cant trust ourselves. Let's change that pattern.

JULY 27th, 9am Sydney time

Imagine being able to date, have it not work out and feel amaaaazing about it! What if there was a way to date that you ended up feeling more empowered with every experience rather than more insecure?

JULY 31st, 6pm Sydney time

Sometimes as a woman, we unconsciously link our value to sex. This impacts our enjoyment and undermines our true value. Discover how to shift these dynamics for good.

AUG 8th, 12pm Sydney time

If you've been love bombed, you'll know it undermines your confidence and ability to trust yourself. How can you know? What can you do to protect yourself from being hurt (again)?

AUG 14th, 9am Sydney time

Yes there is a perfect partner for you - and it's imperative right now on this planet, you don't 'settle' , because women are being called to enjoy and express love on a whole new level. Yeah!

Relationships are about to get a whole lot easier ...

No more wasted time ‘kissing frogs’

No more feeling used and discarded

No more little Miss Needy

When you ELEVATE your emotional operating system
you're no longer blocked from long lasting love

I want to find a quality partner who I can have a family with.  I’m scared I’m running out of time. I feel like there’s something wrong with me and don’t know what to do with feelings of rejection. I can figure out most things – but can’t crack the code on this!

I’ve already been married and I’m petrified I’ll end up in the same sort of relationship. I want to get rid of the hurt I feel, so it doesn’t impact new relationships, but don’t know how.  I’m scared I’ll grow old alone. I’m so successful at work – why not relationships?

Fear of being alone, of not being loved keeps you ignoring the red flags. It also robs you of the opportunity to express your greatest authentic potential. You’re too busy staying small to make sure things work out.

From now on, you’ll know just what to do to attract your right partner for a relationship that lasts. 

Who am I to make such bold claims?

I respect that you’ve asked (wise girls ‘probe’ and do their research). Without getting all existential on you, I wanted to show you who I am. 


Book a free 20 minute call to discover how you can start right now … in a way that suits your time, intention and budget.

My top signature offerings to support you with everything you need to attract and create an elevated relationship for long lasting love.


This really is the THE solution that solves ALL your relationship problems. When you do this ONE thing, everything changes. A 4 week, fast paced, emotional upgrade for uplevelling your relationship operating system, so you can feel confident, self-assured and clear on your next right moves. Weekly audio, group coaching, meditations and workbook.

AUD $444


This is an opportunity to work closely with Lisa for 4 months, integrating the dynamic and intuitive protocols of your new emotional tech into every area of your life. Your relational system is completely recoded, integrating every aspect of your being utilizing clear actionable steps that build unshakeable pillars for elevated relationships.

Be one of the few.

There are some things you should know ...

If only I had been taught this BEFORE I started dating. I didn’t even now there was a better way to be in relationship.

This is everyday wisdom that will change the way you do relationships, for the better. 

Did you know there is a better way of being in relationship?

By upgrading your emotional tech, you say goodbye to codependent esteem crushing behaviours. You no longer feel like an emotional hostage to your situation or your partner. Here’s how things change:

You don’t need more information. What you discover must be everyday useful and land with a feeling of emotional safety – so you get to FEEL it. Facilitating that is my job, along with believing in you until you can develop a belief in yourself that is unshakeable.

I promise to always be me (this is easy – trying to be something I’m not takes up too much energy) and to be transparent. I was going to say you’ll get what you see, but really you’ll also get what you can’t see – like love, self-respect and freaking unbreakable self-allegiance. 

I guarantee, using this emotional technology won’t leave you with a head full of knowledge, still feeling not good enough with your heart being dragged along behind. 

Instead you’ll reconnect with you, enjoy clarity, harmony and be so IN your own life that anyone who gets to hang out with you will want a piece of that action. 

Kind Words from my clients

“Lisa helped me understand my emotions and really helped me and my partner deal with living with teenage children and stepping back into our power. Her work is simple and delivered in an unpretentious and easy to digest way. We all have such busy lives, I’m so grateful Lisa stripped it back into simple steps to be emotionally powerful.”

Michelle Powell
Founder/Owner “Naturally Sauced”

“For years I was walking on eggshells, not speaking my truth, not setting up personal boundaries, people pleasing and continually feeling exhausted, unhappy and disempowered. The keys that Lisa teaches are easy to understand and apply – she has such a unique and fresh approach to freeing ourselves from these patterns of behaviour. Lisa made me feel like she was walking beside me from the way she shared her personal experiences so honestly and in such a relatable way.”

Julie Bourke
Creative Intentions

“That’s what I love about this content – Lisa doesn’t take the power from the person, she gives the power. We have that power and need to see it within ourselves. I feel like I can see things more clearly. Some experts tell us what to do and we are hooked onto them and feel like we can’t do it by ourselves. But with Lisa, I know I can do it on my own. It’s simple and I can follow easy. Lisa’s examples make it very palatable.”

Samiksha Tungare
Business Administration

“The 5 keys will change your perspective of your own life and give you the insight into why you react a certain way. It gives you the tools so you can change it and don’t have to stay in that same mode you’re in. Lisa is personable., and easy to relate to. She’s on the same level as you.”

Annabel Mulligan

“I have participated in a number of Lisa’s evening groups and one-on-ones. Each time I walked away feeling heard. For me, her suggestions or the space she gave for me to step up to meet my needs was so supportive and gracious.

Zimmi Forest
Weaving Nature

“I’d never really thought about it I actually think this is pretty generic. I actually think if we all learn how to understand our emotions, we can show anyone in our lives and teach them how to do it too. One of my biggest takeaways was the understanding of why I react the way I do – I never thought of it in that way.”

Kasia Wrzesinski
Owner, “Phillip Island Accomodation”