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Evolve into Ease

A 13-week coaching program starting on February 6
Join a community, a revolution… an evolution!

From emotional survival to living with ease in deeply connected and loving relationships. It’s possible to make change in 90 days.

What if there was a therapeutic model that was preventative, addressed the whole human (aka all of you!) and went straight to the source of ALL your problems?

A simple process returning you to your natural state of ease and flow

I’ve always been fascinated by emotion. I was very good at it as a child and a teen – it drove me to make choices that were not very helpful for my self-esteem! No matter how hard I tried, that place of peace, I sensed existed was always just beyond my grasp. Add to that 4 kids, 2 relationships, a number of career changes, more wisdom born from heartache and I finally ended up seeing the problem was in the way I was approaching my life. I let go of all I thought I knew and started practicing an intuitive new process that helped me every day to use my feelings for empowerment. This process really solidified in my thinking when I experienced a traumatic relationship breakup and moved from feeling suicidal to ‘this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me’ in 4 days.

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Lisa Jayne - Author, Speaker and Coach.

I’ve used my proven 5 key process with hundreds of clients and have been refining for it for over a decade. I’m watching these incredible humans:

  • change the nature of their relationship to other people, feeling more empowered and confident to communicate for lasting change
  • practice the tools that support them to be true to themselves, so they feel good about their life
  • know how to use adverse situations to unlock (and enhance) their own creative potential
  • understand how to move beyond the unconscious wounds that form co-dependency so they can attract, build and maintain co-creative, deeply loving relationships

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be able to reconnect to your natural state of ease anywhere, anytime? To know a way to live that organically heals the past and prevents the hurts of the future? This is true freedom. 

Now every thought, word or action you make comes from empowerment (not from powerlessness). Imagine the results you’ll get from that!

Ways We Can Work Together

I teach emotional mastery, so you can feel the ease and joy of living your natural state, beyond the painful patterns of co-dependency, and into relationships that co-create deep, loving connection through one:one coaching, speaking gigs and books.

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1:1 Coaching

Take charge of your emotional reactions right now. Learn the skill of ‘hearing’ your feelings BEFORE they become overwhelming and impact your relationships and enjoyment of life. Feel your confidence rise as you see the way through your immediate challenges and know how to work with your feelings for instant relief. Learn how to express the way you feel for great relationships – and how to support your loved ones to do the same. 

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Support for Mothers

How can you create a close, deeply connected relationships with your daughter, even if she is ‘pulling away’? When do you move in to support and how? What are the best words to say that will have her open and actively seeking your guidance? How can you minimise the impact of mental health challenges on you both? Mothers need new tools that give them an emotional advantage so both mother and daughter can live their best lives 

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Tween and Teen Coaching

A young person’s capacity to understand (and use) their emotions for empowerment determines how well they navigate life’s challenges. Having the wisdom to prevent unnecessary disappointment and pain builds an unshakeable core. Without these skills, her (often unconscious) emotional reactions will control her decision making and deepen emotional wounds that may lead to serious mental health concerns. The skills I teach build the wisdom and bravery needed to create healthy, interdependent and co-creative relationships with friends, family and partners.  Perhaps, this is the currency of the future?

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Emotion Education Program

In any situation, emotion education unlocks the trapped potential for greater connection, productivity and harmony that result from fear, defensiveness, hurt, unrealistic expectations and conflict created by unprocessed human trauma.  Whatever your needs, a program will be developed that can deliver tools and strategies for immediate transformation.


The Emotionally Powerful Mother

It’s true raising kids these days is very different to when we were young. As a Mum, you may feel frustrated, powerless and maybe even a little hopeless. I want you to know YOU have an emotional advantage and your daughter (or son!) needs you to activate it. 

Our advantage lies in being the emotionally safe harbour our girls are drawn to. Here, we get to guide them towards self-authority, inner strength and the understanding of their emotional power. 

In The Emotionally Powerful Mother, Lisa Jayne shares the 5 Keys — a refreshingly new approach that strengthens the connection between mothers and daughters, breaks cycles of hurt, blame, and resentment and creates outcomes that enrich inner value, clarity, and mutual trust.

These keys activate your inner power, so you can respond with wisdom, clarity and confidence in challenging situations. These are the stormproof foundations that will inspire your daughter to emerge into her most authentically empowered self.

Book The Emotionally Powerful Mother

"For anyone, who like me, has spent their life being caught up in their emotional stories, this book is for you. I have learnt to get curious about my feelings and to go inside when I have an uncomfortable feeling so I can go to the heart of the matter and find out why I’m really feeling activated. This book has taught me how to meet my own unmet emotional needs and to be my own best friend so I can give myself what I’m missing. I’m still a work in progress but after only a few weeks I’m (no longer living in my story and) starting to live my truth!

Belle Lee - Designer “Belle Designs”

Kind Words

See what my clients say.

“It helped me understand my emotions and really helped me and my partner deal with living with teenage children and stepping back into our power. It is simple and delivered in an unpretentious and easy to digest way. We all have such busy lives, I’m so grateful Lisa stripped it back into 5 simple steps to be emotionally powerful.”

Michelle Powell
Founder/Owner “Naturally Sauced”

“For years I was walking on eggshells, not speaking my truth, not setting up personal boundaries, people pleasing and continually feeling exhausted, unhappy and disempowered. The 5 keys that Lisa teaches in this book are easy to understand and apply – she has such a unique and fresh approach to freeing ourselves from these patterns of behaviour. Lisa made me feel like she was walking beside me from the way she shared her personal experiences so honestly and in such a relatable way.”

Julie Bourke
Creative Intentions

“That’s what I love about this content – Lisa doesn’t take the power from the person, she gives the power. We have that power and need to see it within ourselves. I feel like I can see things more clearly. Some experts tell us what to do and we are hooked onto them and feel like we can’t do it by ourselves. But with Lisa, I know I can do it on my own. It’s simple and I can follow easy. Lisa’s examples make it very palatable.”

Samiksha Tungare
Business Administration

Need a Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

How can our emotion education directly influence human evolution?

As a key note speaker, thought leader and inspirational mentor, Lisa engages audiences with her passion and warmth. Challenging audiences to consider a new idea – how they deal with every feeling matters for an empwoered life, she supports her listeners to walkway with practical skills they can implement right now in their own life to feel greater ease, creativity and connection. 

Whatever your needs, Lisa’s presentations will have any audience feeling empowered and inspired. 

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Subscribe to Lisa Jayne TV for weekly teachings

Join us on our You tube channel as we engage in active contemplation that is illuminating the Core of the Feminine Force in women all over the globe.

“The 5 keys will change your perspective of your own life and give you the insight into why you react a certain way. It gives you the tools so you can change it and don’t have to stay in that same mode you’re in. Lisa is personable., and easy to relate to. She’s on the same level as you.”

Annabel Mulligan

“I have participated in a number of Lisa’s evening groups and one-on-ones. Each time I walked away feeling heard. For me, her suggestions or the space she gave for me to step up to meet my needs was so supportive and gracious.

Zimmi Forest
Weaving Nature

“I’d never really thought about it I actually think this is pretty generic – It’s not just for Mums. I actually think if we all learn how to understand our emotions, we can show anyone in our lives and teach them how to do it too. One of my biggest takeaways was the understanding of why I react the way I do – I never thought of it in that way.”

Kasia Wrzesinski
Owner, “Phillip Island Accomodation”

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