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HOW TO excel in relationship

you are 50% of any relationship you're in

So when you discover the better way to BE in your relationships, you can attract your ‘right’ partner and build empowering connections.  No more wasted time people pleasing, playing small, feeling unseen or lonely.  

Imagine …  being with a person on the same page as you so you can build a relationship that is emotionally supportive, empowering each other, feeling more connected over time.

Imagine how good it will feel when the challenges you face together bring you closer … knowing that you’re both growing towards your greatest potential and living for a Higher Purpose (aka the love that flows between you).

This is not a pipe dream. It’s a real possibility and starts to happen very quickly when partners can shift out of the repetitive dynamics that cause emotional friction.

don't settle for what turns up

Find the truth of who you are and how you want to be loved. By getting out of your head and activating your heart, you amplify your courage, intuition and self-assurance so you don’t end up in a relationship that chips away at your self-esteem and inner peace. You’ll know who’s right for you and won’t waste time or years, trying to make what’s not quite right, work. Your inner knowing will help you confidently choose and you won’t feel pressured from FOMO. (You’ll be in MOHO … Magical Opportunities Hovering Overhead). 

How? Implement a much more effective (5 step) emotional operating system for self-actualisation (actually being your real self). This removes the interference of past emotional experiences and flips you out of reaction, fear and people pleasing into empowering, deliberate action that creates the life you really want.

The blueprint for ATTRACTing YOUR 'RIGHT' PARTNER
and cultivating cocreative relationships

The 90 day heart power program that uplevels you for a shift in your relationship status!  

1. REMOVE AND REDUCE EMOTIONAL PAIN - circuit break co-dependent behaviours

This is important, because without removing past emotional memories, we keep thinking the same thing is going to happen in our present. This influences our behavior and how we approach new partners

  • You’ll discover 4 heart power plays, that help you diffuse emotional reactions so you can be the person you need to be to attract your ‘right’ partner and create a healthy, ‘uncorrupted’ relationship
  • You’ll get to practice the simple strategies you can apply IRL that take you from ‘needy’ to nurtured, so you can feel at ease and empowered on the inside – which means what happens next will be awesome! (AKA circuit break codependent behaviors so you’re not creating your next moment from powerlessness and feeling frustrated with the results)
confident and self assured woman
a woman in charge of her own life

2. course correction

Instead of living from your head all the time, fretting and trying to make things happen, you’ll learn how to live within a different paradigm – flipping out of your old operating system that kept you trapped in frustrating emotional patterns. 

  • Because your unique heart power is activated, you’ll consistently be self-actualizing … actually being your true self! 
  • You’ll organically be building new emotional skills so that you can speak what you really feel, resolve emotional tension without conflict and make clear, knowing decisions (so you’ll be able to trust yourself not to wake up with the ‘wrong’ partner 3 months later)
  • You’ll have your own back because of you’re new inner resources so people pleasing and playing small just won’t happen 


It’s true: prevention is always better than cure. Your new emotional operating system is intuitive and responsive – which means you find yourself in positions where your old behaviors are activated much less often. 

  • Because you have heightened levels of intuitive self knowing, you can ‘see’ and act before challenges become problems. Your inner state means you’ve already shifted the situation towards growth and away from activation.
  • Your heart power is naturally amplified each time you respond using your new emotional operating system, which creates a life of emotional flow and ease (your  head’ becomes attuned with your heart).
  • Of course, there’s other spin offs from this optimal inner state –  greater abundance, health and overall wellbeing, more fun, adventure and courage!
young woman excited about her life

Hiya! I'm Lisa

If you landed on my little slice of the Internet, you’re probably a very aware woman, who’s pretty amazing at so many things but feeling frustrated in relationship (or wondering how the heck to find that ‘right’ partner!). All your best efforts and still you might not feel supported, heard, cherished or seen for who you truly are.  I was baffled for years, but still soldiered on, not realizing there was a better way… to attract a partner, lay the ‘right’ foundations for the relationship of my dreams AND experience a connection that felt more intimate and loving over time. 

So welcome! Breath a sigh of relief and know there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! In fact, there’s so much more right than perhaps you’re even aware of.  Which is why we’re going to bring that ‘right’ out into the open so you can attract Mr (or Mrs) Right and create the relationship you deserve…

A deeply connected, loving, respectful relationship – where you’re on the same page (instead of in different frigging books!). Where you feel seen, heard, safe and supported to communicate because you both know it will create more intimacy between you. Ahhh … the love is already blossoming. I can feel it! 

More about me

Lisa Jayne - The Healthy Relationship Expert Author, Speaker, Coach.

Learning how to build co-creative relationships

Even though there is so much more information available today, most people feel frustrated at their inability to create the realtionships they want.  Finding yourself in an unhealthy relationship once the honeymoon period is over, simply going through the motions of relationship or feeling disconnected are all symptoms that can be healed.

If you are not in a relationship NOW is the best time to learn how to attract and build co-creative relationships

Relationships of the past (often codependent)

  • My relationships are ok – they can’t be perfect right? If only they would [insert change here] and everything would be so much better.  My focus is on the outcome – what I want to happen. 
  • When there is tension, it’s almost impossible to resolve – I’m worried about hurting their feelings or they wont listen – they think I’m blaming them. We can’t communicate without ending up in an argument.
  • Our communication is ineffective. I feel angry, frustrated. It doesn’t matter what I say or do, I just can’t seem to crack the code that stops this repetitive loop. I have to resolve – yet I often feel like resolution is something I can never get to.
  • I act from my insecurities. I just need to be accepted, feel safe and loved. I may people please, be a control freak or a perfectionist. My actions are (unconsciously) driven by the uncomfortable void I feel inside. 

Relationships of the future (cocreative)

  • My relationships are calm and harmonious. We have challenges, however the love is given, so we both feel safe to say what we need to grow. Our focus is on connection, not the outcome. 
  • I act from self-love, self-respect, self-honor. I am courageous and stand by my own side. My motives are the desire to grow, to connect, understand and expand the harmony in my life. 
  • Our communication is effective – we know how to validate and support each other. We also know how to create an emotionally safe space – so it’s easier to share what’s on our hearts so we can move forward. We emerge from this moment – we don’t recycle it.
  • There is no ‘walking on eggshells’, passive aggressive behaviour, silent treatments (because we can ‘own’ our feelings and don’t need to blame or feel resentful) and we know how to use situations to build trust and emotional intimacy. 

My thoughts, written down

Kind Words from my clients

“Lisa helped me understand my emotions and really helped me and my partner deal with living with teenage children and stepping back into our power. Her work is simple and delivered in an unpretentious and easy to digest way. We all have such busy lives, I’m so grateful Lisa stripped it back into simple steps to be emotionally powerful.”

Michelle Powell
Founder/Owner “Naturally Sauced”

“For years I was walking on eggshells, not speaking my truth, not setting up personal boundaries, people pleasing and continually feeling exhausted, unhappy and disempowered. The keys that Lisa teaches are easy to understand and apply – she has such a unique and fresh approach to freeing ourselves from these patterns of behaviour. Lisa made me feel like she was walking beside me from the way she shared her personal experiences so honestly and in such a relatable way.”

Julie Bourke
Creative Intentions

“That’s what I love about this content – Lisa doesn’t take the power from the person, she gives the power. We have that power and need to see it within ourselves. I feel like I can see things more clearly. Some experts tell us what to do and we are hooked onto them and feel like we can’t do it by ourselves. But with Lisa, I know I can do it on my own. It’s simple and I can follow easy. Lisa’s examples make it very palatable.”

Samiksha Tungare
Business Administration

“The 5 keys will change your perspective of your own life and give you the insight into why you react a certain way. It gives you the tools so you can change it and don’t have to stay in that same mode you’re in. Lisa is personable., and easy to relate to. She’s on the same level as you.”

Annabel Mulligan

“I have participated in a number of Lisa’s evening groups and one-on-ones. Each time I walked away feeling heard. For me, her suggestions or the space she gave for me to step up to meet my needs was so supportive and gracious.

Zimmi Forest
Weaving Nature

“I’d never really thought about it I actually think this is pretty generic. I actually think if we all learn how to understand our emotions, we can show anyone in our lives and teach them how to do it too. One of my biggest takeaways was the understanding of why I react the way I do – I never thought of it in that way.”

Kasia Wrzesinski
Owner, “Phillip Island Accomodation”

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