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The Emotionally Powerful Mother

Emotional and Social tools for Mothers to help their daughters navigate puberty, high school, social media, while feeling close and connected.


Our girls, like us grownup girls, try to change their unhappy circumstances with the skills they have and often set up strategies that create more harm than good. The skills they continue to sue are the ones that bought them to first place in the first place. What they really need is some new emotional and social skills modelled in their home environment so they don’t experience feeling continuous failure trying to change their life – which can cause them to give up on everything that makes life worthwhile.

It’s true raising kids these days is very different to when we were young. As a Mum, you may feel frustrated, powerless and maybe even a little hopeless. I want you to know YOU have an emotional advantage and your daughter (or son!) needs you to activate it.  21st century daughters require a new version of mothering. We may not be able to compete against social media and technology but we have something our daughters will not find in the outside world.

Our advantage lies in being the emotionally safe harbour our girls are drawn to. Here, we get to guide them towards self-authority, inner strength and the understanding of their emotional power.

In The Emotionally Powerful Mother, Lisa Jayne shares the 5 Keys — a refreshingly new approach that strengthens the connection between mothers and daughters, breaks cycles of hurt, blame, and resentment and creates outcomes that enrich inner value, clarity, and mutual trust. These keys develop new levels of emotional and social skill that prevents unnecessary heartache and prepares our children to navigate the challenges they can’t avoid. They are skills for life that foster healthy, deeply connected relationships, confidence and satisfaction.

The added bonus … the keys will activate your inner power, so you are upskilling at the same time. Knowing how to respond with wisdom, clarity and confidence in challenging situations creates stormproof foundations that will inspire your daughter to emerge into her most authentically empowered self.

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