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Oops. I’m using woo-woo words.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like my life has done a complete flip. It feels like I’ve made a quantum (sounds woo-woo, but actually now proven by science) leap onto another life path. Now, if you’ve got a moment hear me out.

Up until now, after a ‘reality-check’ relationship experience, I did throw out the baby (grounded spirituality) with the bath water. I know my work, absolutely takes people into their authentic self – helping them self-actualise, which absolutely creates a unique energetic power in their day to day life. I know, that once we, as humans, understand how to transform our emotional wounds (which cause a separation from this heightened state of awareness and flow) into creative potential, we get to actually be our self. An attunement happens – because we’ve taken what was in the way, out of the way, by transforming it into wisdom. This is definitely NOT woo-woo, but paradoxically, the results can feel miraculous, like ‘grace’ (woo-woo?). That process, activates and opens the heart which has a specific resonance (see scientific studies of David Hawkins and the Heart Maths Institute) and drives the feeling ‘power’ of the individual into heightened, more resonant states. At times, you may feel your body humming, in a peaceful and easy flow state.

Oh my gosh. Yes I’m calling you to open your mind … but consider this. Up until now, with ALL the information we have had access to, humanity is in a worse situation than ever. More suicides, mental health issues and emotional instability. Perhaps, if humans are to evolve, we have to get over pre-conceived ideas of what is and isn’t woo-woo. Our own best efforts, staying within this paradigm of ‘I only believe in what I can see’, has not saved us. It also poses a big problem … LOVE, because we cannot see it’s TRUE force, has been corrupted, because we have placed conceptions and conditions all over it. Now, the purity of it’s form has almost ceased to exist (within our codependent realities). But that’s a story for another day.

Yes, spiritual escapism, spiritual pride and ungrounded spiritual actions still exist – I’m not talking about this. I’m talking about a more subtle, feeling side of living life here, everyday, with all the challenges and muck we swim in as parents, partners and business owners. There is a divine intelligence – obvious to those who look at nature, and can acknowledge the force that keeps the breath moving in and out of the body and the heart beating, all without our conscious involvement. And this is not NEW information. For thousands of years philosophers have told us about an alternative way of being in our lives, from poets like Rumi to Scientists like Einstein.

What IS new is that up until now, because we have been conditioned to dwell in our heads, our hearts have been shut down, so we’ve been unable to access and integrate the subtle, higher aspects of ourselves. Our mind, structures our reality on foundations of fear, which is disempowering and creates separation between us and others. It keeps us trapped in dynamics that take us further away from our true self, our peace, and holds us hostage to societal norms and misfunctioning relational dynamics. This state of being, is of a very low frequency and is of great benefit to capitalist society. We feel powerless and rely on an outside authority to save us. That is, we place our trust in the wrong places and the results look like our government systems and our abusive relationships today.

So, back to me. Hopefully, I’ve sparked an idea you may wish to pursue if you haven’t already. If not, I wish you well in your endeavours to live your dreams and feel deeply connected and at peace on the journey. Either way, I jumped. I made the quantum leap and am already observing the fruits of my courage and bravery. (My mum told me the other day “You’re altogether different from everybody.” This has built my inner strength and conviction in my sovereign power over the years!) My job here is not to feel comfortable, or safe from criticism and judgement. My job is to remind people of a higher frequency of love that is their birthright, so they finally feel at ease in all their relationships and create a resonance of love that will change lives. There’s no more time to waste, I have committed. I’m just going to say it how it is.

Sending love,


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