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true self

The NEW woman. Are you FEELING it?

There is a new woman rising. She is not spiritual. She is not the earth mother. She is not the divine feminine. She is not the world changer. She is not the corporate leader. She is not the well-spoken activist.

She is ALL that and more. Because she knows who she is. Her own unique magnificence has no labels. It simply is. Her KNOWING is her power.

The invisible line in the sand

I was the movie playing on a screen to entertain the viewer and keep them happy. Is it any wonder, I felt disconnected and alone in the relationship? is it any wonder after time there was nothing there – no common interests, no heart. And is it any wonder, I had lost myself? I hadn’t yet realised I had replaced me with a paper cut out, that was held in shape by the invisible lines of her own creation.

A Quantum Shift in Your Relationships

What would it take to create a quantum shift in your relationship?  When you’re stuck in a rut – and feeling despondent, after having tried for years to feel heard and to communicate effectively with your partner, it’s a little out of our emotional reach to imagine feeling anything different, right?   I totally know …

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Recoding the divine feminine into your emotional template

As I sat opposite her and watched her being someone she was not. Staying small. Not speaking up. Making sure he felt supported and cared for, I wondered where SHE had gone. From a bubbly, loving, outgoing woman with her friends to something different in her relationship. I reflected on this and how it was …

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