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Recoding the divine feminine into your emotional template

As I sat opposite her and watched her being someone she was not. Staying small. Not speaking up. Making sure he felt supported and cared for, I wondered where SHE had gone. From a bubbly, loving, outgoing woman with her friends to something different in her relationship.

I reflected on this and how it was once who I was: someone different in my relationship. Someone who measured her words, told ‘not the whole truth’, kept the peace and walked on eggshells.

Then I realised. It all had to do with my emotional template

which was underwritten by a patriarchal system. Underwritten by the need to please, the need to serve, the need to fix. Underwritten by the need to be of use, of sexual value, to be pretty, in order to have value. Underwritten by relationships that by their very nature keep us small and limited, so we can feel safe and secure. My emotional template was a cage that held me in place and the way I dealt with how I felt (my vulnerabilities) strengthened the walls of my prison – a prison I couldn’t see.   

Where did the Goddess go?

The divine feminine in me? What was the divine feminine in me? I often sensed a missing ‘power’ in my life – a part of me I tried to reach for time and time again, only to find myself within another room of my prison. Until I located the one thing that appeared to be causing all my problems. Yes. You heard me right. One thing.

My emotional template was encoded with faulty codes.

Firmly embedded in a patriarchal system, it had been formulated by cultural conditioning, genetic programming and the environment around me. Deep down, I had been waiting to be rescued from my pain. I had been waiting for a saviour – more money, a better job, the right partner – not consciously of course. I had denied the soft, vulnerable, feeling side of me, interpreting it as weakness.

I had pushed on.

Strived to control, trying harder to reach that sense of satisfaction and ease I instinctively knew existed.  It never worked in the long term. It was a heavy, frustrating, disappointing emotional template, where I often felt alone, anxious, rejected, not good enough and angry.

It makes so much sense that within this emotional template, any woman could not fully access her original template of light, which is founded in the divine feminine. It’s true, your original emotional template is coded with only the purest form of love – unconditional, deserving, empowering love. A template of ease and lightness, grace and equanimity.

Oh my gosh, I’m already breathing a deep long sigh of relief for all women ready to unlock these codes.

It’s a no-brainer this template creates relationship magic – living relationships that grow and nurture, communication that connects, understands and supports. Relationships that form the foundations of a sustainable, thriving community and manifest MORE love and joy in our lives.

Which only leaves one question.

Are YOU ready to recode your emotional template? Because I’m on a mission to support as many women as possible to activate their true emotional power, for the next 11 days my focus is on MAPPING EMOTIONAL TEMPLATES which is a comprehensive reading of your own unique emotional template – this is like having your own internal map showing you exactly what’s at the source of your triggers and where you can recode to amplify your emotional power for the quickest, most transformative change.

If you’d like to journey with me, you can use the code: QUICK to save yourself $222 at checkout – which is almost half the usual price ($499). It would truly be my honour to work with you – it makes my heart sing, seeing women step into their true power!

Sending love,




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